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Monday, June 21, 2010

New Article includes Portrait Exchange Photos and Quotes in Discussion of Revised NYC Park Rules

Journalist Leslie Koch's new article "Artists sue Mayor Bloomberg, NYC Parks Department over new regulations" features two photographs by Robin Randisi from the Central Park Portrait Exchange and quotes from Peter Walsh.

From the article:
"Two street artists filed a lawsuit on Friday accusing the Parks Department of violating artists' constitutional rights by restricting the number of art vendors in four popular Manhattan parks.

Artists Robert Lederman and Jack Nesbitt filed a lawsuit against Mayor Bloomberg, Parks Commissioner Benepe and the Parks Department on Friday June 18, 2010 in response to new regulations on art vendingin city parks.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe were named as co-defendants.

When the new rules go into effect on July 19, over half of vendors who sell "expressive matter" will be shut out of Central Park, Union Square Park, Battery Park and the High Line Park.

This includes artists who sell their own paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and books.

"I spoke to more than 100 park artists the day after the rules came out. Not one expressed agreement with the new rules," said plaintiff Robert Lederman, 59, in an email.

Lederman is the president of advocacy group ARTIST (Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics). He and co-plaintiff Jack Nesbitt, 70, have repeatedly clashed with the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations over the right of artists to sell their work in public spaces.

Their lawsuit alleges that "the real purpose behind the Revision is to rid the parks of artists and independent written matter vendors in order to give preference to corporate vendors."

For the complete text go to: "Artists sue Mayor Bloomberg, NYC Parks Department over new regulations"

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